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Friday, March 1, 2013

march goals : lets go

march 1st.
big goals ; can you believe in 31 days we will be 25% THROUGH 2013?

this month [march!] i want to :
1) enjoy TWO full weekends off [i havent had this in MONTHS]
2) visit my family. [i really spent most of my life without my dad & we have gotten so close recently & that makes my heart so huge]
3) keep up with blogging. my goal is to really pre-blog & dedicate time to get back into it.
4) work out! we are still going to the Y [i am loving a few of the classes] this month, i am also taking classes at another gym as part of a living social deal.
5) make a $_______ car payment
6) bake bread // stay caught up on project life [i am lumping these together]
7) spend more time with my pup. poor daphne ; these past few months with blake & i working a billion hours a week, daphne hasnt gotten the quality time that she deserves. [also, its hard to walk for a really long time when its well below zero for days at a time...] my goal is to take her around the lake [a few miles] most days.
8) complete 3-5 items from my 101 things list.
9) archive all my posts. over here -------> youll see i did a bit of an upgrade. i am still working on re-labeling a bunch of posts so they can get seen.
10) update my etsy shop [seriously, i have been attempting to do this
11) get back on my bike! with all the ice & freezing temps, i havent been biking everyday like usual. my goal is to get back to biking 40-60 miles a week.

february goals recap :
1) paint my nails [seriously ; im slacking!]
2) volunteer 1-2x
3) pay off my student loans [this is happening]
4) visit my family [hug my grandpa!]
5) a couple years ago, my grandpa [moms dad] passed away & my heart is still a bit broken. his birthday would have been this month & in his memory, i will donate a big chunk of my paycheck to cancer research
6) make 2-3 projects for fun [i havent  done this in MONTHS]
7) bake 4 loaves of bread
8) stay caught up with project life
9) try out one new restaurant in minneapolis
10) complete 3 things from my '101 things' list
11) stay caught up with blogging [dont get behind]
12) win my dietbet [or at least keep plugging away!]
13) do a better job with plugging my own work [i work hard on my blog posts & dont always do a great job promoting my own posts]
14) go thrifting!!
15) practice yoga 10x [or more]
16) knit 4+ pieces
17) update my etsy shop [sigh ; one more thing i have been slacking on...]
18) comment on 30+ blogs [again ; i have been SO busy with 3 jobs that i just havent kept up with reading blogs that i love]

yikes ; i did NOT do well. i know that i get the same 24 hours as everyone else on the planet, but man, i have been feeling stretched thin...
heres to a more productive month.

what are YOU working on this month?