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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

4 healthy snacks for $5?! : [im in] : my graze box review

guys, its STILL winter here! today, with the wind chill [the temperature + the wind = the 'feels like' temp] ; it is -10*! hello, TEN DEGREES BELOW ZERO?!
blake is off for spring break for two weeks, which means i get to take the car to work. [woo hoo!]

since you spend time on the internet, you know that subscription boxes are all the rage right now. 
each month, an awesome themed box comes to your door.
anything from wine, fishing lures [i bought one for my dad & he loves it], baby clothes, food & more.

i am all for finding products that make life easier..
a couple weeks ago, i discovered graze. do you know them?
they offer a weekly snack box. each week, you get a small box with 4 portion-controlled snacks inside.
anything from salty to sweet. you create your profile online & tell them what you like [&what you dont].
[mine was chocolate & dried fruit, duh]
the coolest part?
your FIRST & FIFTH boxes are FREE!! 
also, each box is only $5!!
four snack boxes + shipping for 5 bucks?!

my first [free] box came in the mail & i wanted to share.

jaffa cake // veggie sushi plate // summer pudding [my fave!] // toasted pistachios

they also provide a card with all the nutritional info.

but the part i love the most? 
the referral program!
since they are a new-er // smaller company, you need a referral code to sign up.
lucky for YOU, i have 5 free codes!
YOU use the code & get a free box.
i either get a dollar off my next box OR [this is the part i love] i get to donate that dollar to their farm school charity. read about it here. [such an awesome idea]

so, i have 5 codes for a FREE box. 
want one? send me an email OR leave a comment below [make sure your comment is connected to your email address, so i can send it to you!]
i pinky-swear that i will donate my referral dollars to their charity.

check out graze here // follow them on twitter here

disclaimer : i signed up for graze on my own ; the company doesnt know who i am, but i think they are awesome!

is this something you would try? do you think its affordable?