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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

shopping with daphne : our february bark box review :

hey everybody!
daphne didnt have a chance to post her review of the january bark box [she loved it] ; but shes back today to share what she loved [and destroyed] in the february box!

bark box is a monthly subscription service for dogs. each month, you get an assortment of toys, treats & other healthy living supplies.
check out their site here or purchase a box here.
this month was our 5th box & we find it money well spent.

in the box : 

in all honesty, i was a touch disappointed with this box.
the three bags of dog treats are all organic & made in the US [which is all we buy for treats!], but BOTH the chew ring & the penguin were made in china. there are plenty of awesome, american [and canadian!] small businesses that are doing awesome things & supporting workers & paying fair wages.
if i am going to give my money to a company, i want to know that all people are paid well & treated fairly.
of all the bark boxes we have gotten, this was not a favorite. but, daphne loves the penguin & will eat the treats.

does your pup have a favorite treat or toy?