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Saturday, March 2, 2013

5 kickstarter campaigns that are making the planet better

lets go ;) did you see my goals for the month?
i have so many awesome things to blog about this month.

today, lets talk about kickstarter!
its a website where anybody with an awesome idea [food, fashion, books] can raise money to fund their dream. when you donate money, you get rewards in return.
i love it. blake & i have donated to lots of campaigns ; most of which have gotten funded.
ive got 5 awesome projects that are looking for YOUR help!

1) the yogo mat! the worlds smallest, lightest, cleanest full-size yoga mat. folds up the size of a wine bottle [love this!] it can be recycled, will biodegrade AND its made in the US [in oregon]. i am donating to this one, for sure. i love the idea of being able to toss this mat in my bike bag on the way to class!
ends march 15th // donate here

2) the garden creamery is a vegan food truck based in san francisco. they are looking for funding to be able to sell // create vegan soft serve!! four flavors at once! hello, vegan soft serve...
ends march 16th // donate here

3) the grow jar! its a small, hydroponic indoor planter. with your funding, you will get a planter, soil, seeds & everything you need to grow herbs & veggies at home! i love this for people [like us!] that are in apartments, with no outdoor space to grow. also, we are CSA members, so we dont need a huge garden, but having fresh herbs available is so awesome!
ends march 19th // donate here

4) enlightened clothing! they are taking plastic bottles that have been thrown away & turning them into awesome & comfy yoga tops & bottoms. check out the video. this is another one that i really believe in!
ends march 29th // donate here

5) yay! this one is my favorite!! revive the hive with beez kneez honey! kristy & erin live here in the minneapolis & they are doing amazing things with the bee population. they have 'host honey sites' all over the cities. actually, the school that blake is at, they have a hive there. kristy sells her honey at markets, online & in a few shops & co-ops. the awesome thing? she delivers everything by bike [swoon. dream job.] they are looking to raise money to create a honey house, a type of 'home base' for their operation. check out there page & video and get ready to be inspired!
ends march 31st // donate here

so many people doing awesome things!
i love it.