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Thursday, March 21, 2013

oh sugar, sugar : the tale of the sweetest candy shop ever

fun news ; i have today, tomorrow & ALL weekend off. whoop whoop.
im excited to share my adventures when we get back.

but first : lets talk about candy!
i really am more of a 'chocolate & cupcake' girl myself, but a couple times a year, i get a real craving for sugary candies.
blake & i make a real effort to explore and support new [to us] businesses in the city.
earlier this winter, we planned a trip to sugar, sugar.
its a small-ish candy shop [with great lighting!] & sweets from all over the world.  

way cute, right?
one of my 101 things in 1001 days is 'to spend $15 in a candy store.'
mission accomplished.

we left with 3 small bags ; 1 bag of banana gummies, another of sour worms [i loved these when i was a kid!] & a bag of grape-flavored marshmallows.
all delish!

if you live in the area, head over & grab some treats.
connect with sugar, sugar : 

any rad shops like this in your neighborhood?