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Friday, March 22, 2013

9 netflix documentaries that will make you a better human

happy friday! 
you made it to the end of the week! big plans for the weekend?
how about some 'movie time'?!
blake & i have the basic netflix plan ; $8 a month. we dont have television, but we are big fans of 'real tv.' we watch a lot of world news tonight, 20/20 & netflix documentaries.
today i have 9 documentaries you should add to your queue.
here we go : 

1) beyond the myth. daphne is part pitbull & she is a rescue. in the past 8 months that we have had her in our lives, we have become so much more aware of the stigma around pits. our pup is naughty, but she is so super sweet. blake & i both cried our way through this one. i couldnt imagine having to give up daphne because of reasons beyond our [and her!] control. 

2) yes! please vote for me. a story of 8 year olds in china all vying for the position of class monitor. fascinating to watch democracy play out in chinese culture.

3) another one about kids + education ; the lottery. you know that i have my teaching degree & blake is a preschool teacher, right? education in this country is so interesting to us. this one is about public + charter schools is harlem & the bronx. we see what is going right [and not so right] in educational reform. bonus : cory booker is in it. LOVE him.

4) forks over knives. you have probably already seen this one, right? if not, i [and most of america] highly recommend it. the film proposes that almost EVERY SINGLE AILMENT can be cured // reversed by a plant-based diet. go see.

5) craiglist joe. this movie gave me goosebumps & made me cry [lots of times]. we follow a regular guy as he travels the country COMPLETELY relying on craiglist. for food, rides, dance classes, volunteer opportunities ; all of it. this movie made my heart so huge to see how amazing total strangers are. i really do believe in the kindness of random humans.

6) america the beautiful. a film by darryl roberts ; so good. this film is about beauty // the industry // plastic surgery. really well done & it just makes me want to hug every single girl [woman!] that thinks she isnt good enough!

7) america the beautiful 2 : the thin commandments. like the first one, this one focuses on health & beauty. but this time, its about weight, weight loss & the crippling diet mentality. again, this one is so good.

8) how to live forever. i love stuff like this! i strongly believe that working out, eating well & being a good person will allow you to live to 100. and then there are films like this that show people who smoke & drink and can run a marathon [and they are 60 years older than me]! we meet multiple people, all in upper-age who share their 'live to 100' secrets.

9) outrage. this one is a bit scandalous. i am a sucker for political documentaries. also, i am extremely liberal, when we are talking about politics. the bottom line of this film is the anit-gay agenda of some of the biggest closeted gays in washington. films like this allow for SO much discussion in our house.

have you seen any of these?
anything else you can recommend? 

you can see 10 more netflix docs i love here & here is a list of shows // movies that we have seen // are hoping to watch soon!