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Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 books you should be reading

happy thursday.
i have done a couple posts about netflix documentaries that will make you a better human [here & here] ; but today i want to share 3 books i have read recently that definitely belong on my 'must-read' list.

1) i am a pencil by sam swope.
this book is for folks that love writing, teachers, parents & people that believe in the creativity of children. 
sam teaches a creative writing class for three years [grades 3, 4 & 5] to a group of children in new york city. the struggle, hope & creativity from the children make this a really, really beautiful book. 

2) bagdad diaries by nuha al-radi.
this book is for anybody that is interested in reading about the OTHER side of us // middle eastern conflict. these diaries cover a 10-year span. beginning with the first iraq-us conflict from the early 90s & ending before the second occupation began ; written in real 'diary-form.' this book is full of beauty that our western media never shed on iraq.

3) born to run by christopher mcdougall.
yay! this book is for anyone that wants to be better. we follow a hidden tribe of elite athletes in mexico & other unbelievable athletes from the us. i am not a huge fan of running [to be honest, i love the idea of running, but its hard for me] & this book made me SO inspired. if these people can run 150 MILES [!!], i can push hard in a 5k.
even for non-runners, i think this book would be super inspirational.

id love to hear about what YOU are reading right now.
what suggestions can you give us for books to add to our 'to read' pile?