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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

doggy clean-up with daphne : yep, we are talking about poop bags

todays post is about dog poop.
well, the bags that we put the dog poop in.
[and because its my blog, i can talk about poop if i want to ;)]

*this post is NOT sponsored!*
we have spent so much time & money researching products that are good for daphne & the planet.
this is one of those products we absolutely love.
who : earth rated poop bags
what : they are biodegradable poop bags. [hello, its so silly to put poop [which decomposes] into a PLASTIC bag that sits in a landfill for a billion years!!] [also, plastic bags that DONT break down clog waterways, get stuck in trees & can harm other animals]
why : we love them for a bunch of reasons. the box they come in is recyclable & was made with recycled paper. the bags themselves are lavender-scented [so, you dont smell dog poop the whole time you are walking..] & the bags are really large. a large dog = a large poop!
how much : we buy ours from a dog store in our neighborhood. one box [120 bags] is $6.50!
where : this link will take you to their 'bag-finder'
their blog is awesome, too.
website // twitter // blog

see you tomorrow!