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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

things you should be reading : 12 links from around the internet

happy tuesday, everybody!
ive stepped away from the blog for a few days & feel super refreshed coming back.
i am working on creating a NEW blog [ill keep this one going] & i am super excited about it.
more on that, soon.

today, i have some really great links to share from around the web!
here we go :

1) have some old leggings laying around? or see a pair on clearance? make them awesome with this DIY painted leggings tutorial. [i am SO doing this!]

2) looking for a simple window box to plant your herbs // flowers // veggies in this spring // summer? this kickstarter is happening right now! [we are buying the chalkboard window box ; i have big ideas!!]

3) do you know dogshaming? its a website that is updated daily with pictures of cute pups doing naughty things. these two posts make me think of daphne ; here // here.

4) are you a fresh-food-waster? [it happens to the best of us..] here are a few tips to use up all your produce before it goes bad.

5) these are silly! 20 of the coolest doorstops on the planet.

6) gala darling has a really great recipe for 'green juice for beginners.' i have wanted to start juicing for a long time ; but i want to make a couple more car payments, before i buy a juicer..

7) julie has a round-up of 9 really awesome garden DIY projects.

8) hey lady bikers! this is a great article about building your bike-confidence!

9) kate wrote a really beautiful post about the meaning of food & how the pain of hunger can change our perspective. 

10) oh yeah! are vegans privileged and out of touch? 

11) maybe you have already donated, but here are a bunch of memorial // funding pages for some of the folks that were injured // killed in boston. [i dont have them all listed. feel free to link up any more you know of in the comments!]
patrick & jess // jeff bauman // the white family //  celeste & sydney // the family of martin richard // the lu lingzi scholarship fund 

12) so many people wrote posts about boston ; but i just wanted to share the two that resonated the most with me. this one by peter segal [he ran as a guide for a man with visual-imparement & he hosts 'wait, wait' on npr] & this one 'the people who watch marathons.'
also, i wrote a post, as well. '26.2 acts of kindness to honor those in boston' 

see you tomorrow!
be a bit nicer than usual today!!