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Thursday, April 25, 2013

yep, its made here. 14 'made in american' products for your KITCHEN

i have another installment of 'yep, its made here.' i am really enjoying this series.
each week, i will be showcasing a number of awesome items that are made here, in the united states.
14 rad items to use in the KITCHEN!

1) [you guys, this is SO awesome!!] bee's wrap! its like saran wrap or aluminum foil, BUT its reusable and made from muslin & beeswax! online, they sell them individually & in packs. 

2) yummi yogi cookie cutters! you get all 5 cutters ; each in a different pose. i think these are hilarious. and so awesome!

3) you cant have a bad day when you are drinking out of bright mugs, right? 
you get all 6 mugs ; i love them!

4) how about a crack & peel?! do you know what this is? you put the tool [made from yellow birch] on top of a head of garlic. you push down, the head splits into cloves & they are super-easy to peel.

5) oh my gosh ; items like this make my heart race. isnt this tea pot beautiful?! you MUST check out out their website ; their items are unbelievably beautiful! this tea pot is a bit pricey [$200], but i believe in buying high-quailty pieces one-at-a-time, over time to build up your collection.
6) a popcorn popper!! hello, this is awesome. you can take it camping OR use it on the stovetop. we love camping & throwing some seeds over the fire would be an awesome way to end a night of hiking. also, jacob bromwell makes some really awesome products!

7) awesome local company alert! // meyer textile co makes these cool, heavy-duty canvas aprons. they are super-affordable [$29] and are unisex! 

8) preserve food storage set! preserve makes toothbrushes from recycled yogurt cups [which we love]. they also make food containers ; everything from reusable picnic-ware to storage containers. these are made from recycled plastic, are cute [hello, bright green!] & are BPA-free.
9) yay for soapbox soaps! this company is awesome. they use gluten free oats, organic shea butter, everything is vegan & is paraben-free. the coolest part? each bar YOU buy, they give another bar to a child in need. you can order individual bars OR a soap subscription. 

10) these beautiful rugs are hand-loomed in vermont. they come in different lengths & colors. my grandma made loom rugs when i was a kid & i remember watching her & her machine for hours.

11) how cool is this cheese [or butter] board? i love the design!

12) need new wooden spoons? [daphne has eaten 4 of our wood spoons...] these spoons are made in montana & come in a variety of wood finishes.

13) a 15' ceramic pizza stone ; these are so great. i use to have a pizza stone, but it was lost in a cross-country move.

14) and finally, because there is *still* snow on the ground ; how about a snowflake pancake pan?! nordic wear is based here, in minneapolis. actually, its right on the bike trail. they offer tons & tons of awesome kitchen pans & accessories.
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see you tomorrow!