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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the project i am the most proud of! : a year of minnesota nice

you guys!!
i am so excited to *finally* share this with you!
my heart is swelling super big & i am so excited.

after the boston bombings, my heart [like yours!] was super sad & i knew i had a responsibility to do something more to spread kindness around.

so, i have created a new project called 'a year of minnesota nice!'
my first post went up today [woo hoo!] & i will officially start the project tomorrow.

what is it? 
well, each day [tomorrow] for an entire year, i will practice ONE simple act of kindness & then document my experience on the blog.
some acts are free. some cost money. some will take 3 minutes. and others will take some planning. recipients will be random strangers. dogs. kids. and people that are already in my life.

i have spent the last couple of weeks creating the blog & a list of 365 acts [i only have 285!].
i really am SO excited for this!
hop over here to check out my first post, the about me // the project page & my list of all the things!

come over & join!
lets change the planet together!!