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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

just in case you missed it : my favorite posts of the month

tuesday today! woo hoo! another 70* day here in minnesota [we have had a few in a row]. they are saying SNOW tomorrow!

not to toot my own horn [tooooot] but i am pretty proud of my blog posts this past month.
when i first started blogging, i felt like i needed to blog every day to keep people interested and coming back. now, i feel like i am finally blogging about things that are important to me. and if that means only posting 3 days a week ; but having 3 posts with good content, i am okay with that.

so, in case you missed it ; here are my favorite posts of the month :

1) i started a new series called 'yep, its made here.' each week, i share products of a certain theme, all of which are made in the usa. this month, i shared food, kitchen items & products for the gardener.

2) i also shared a few dog-related posts. daphne reviewed her march bark box. we talked about biodegradable poop bags & a super-easy 3-ingredient homemade dog treat recipe.

3) and because i love sharing good articles // recipes // products from other places ; here & here are a list of links you should check out! and a list of 3 books you should be reading.

4) i am a big fan of no-bake recipes ; here are 7 that we have been making // eating around here.

5) love t-shirts? this is my type of fashion post ; the 7 tops in my closet rotation.

6) fallen off the fitness wagon? [it happens to all of us!] here are tips to hop back on! [you can do it!!]

7) and because the boston bombing broke all our hearts ; i wrote a post with 26 simple acts of kindness to prove that being a good human is easy and love always wins.

hooray for moving on to a new month ; come on may!
im super excited for this month ; bike rides, a new blog project [so excited to get it up & running!], camping, spending time with the ladies in my family, and a yoga challenge that im hoping will allow me to sleep through the night [its been almost 2 months on minimal sleep!] & allow me to find my center.

see you tomorrow!