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Friday, May 3, 2013

yep, its made here : 9 awesome goods to make your home even cooler!

happy friday! 
have you checked out my new blog? [yay!] i am super proud of it.

today, i have another round-up of cool products that are made here in the us.
its kind of a hodge-podge of awesome home items!

here we go : 
1) legal paper paperweight! isnt this cute?!

2) these cork coasters are handmade in chicago
i love how hip & urban these are ;)
3) these are cool, too!
new york-themed rubber stamps.
plus, they are on super-sale!

4) are you a game person?
this one looks super fun. 
[also, i think its awesome that there are still a few companies that make games in the states]

5) i am big fan of NPR ; i listen to public radio each and every day.
hello, its a coloring // activity book featuring 20 of the coolest indie bands.
[such a rad idea!]

6) have you used badger products? they have something for everybody!
i need this sleep balm [i have a really hard time sleeping!]

7) i love bees!
beecology has a really cute gift basket ; lip balms, soaps & body cream. all made with beeswax

8) field notes! these are my favorite notebooks! i have at least 20 of them at home. they are made in oregon & last forever.
if you are looking for a pocket notebook ; go field notes!

9) oh my goodness! have you ever seen these before?
one of my favorite parts of doing this series is finding great products i didnt know existed!
this is one of those!!
flying wish paper ; you write a wish on a piece of paper, light it on fire & it goes into the universe.
[totally on my list of random acts of kindness!]

thats it!
i hope you have an awesome weekend.
we have some big plans that i am excited to share & document.
see you on monday.