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Friday, May 10, 2013

whats beautiful? : and why i am challenging you to be better

This post is sponsored by Under Armour through FitFluential
happy friday.
earlier this week, i posted about what it means to compare yourself to others & to use the f-a-t- word during a workout class.

under armour just recently launched a new campaign called 'what's beautiful.' they want women [YOU] to set new goals, to push harder & blow past any challenge that has been in your way.
its simple. you create a goal. and then you crush it. and along the way, you can post photos, videos & other mini-challenges to help you get there.
your goal can be anything from toning your triceps, to going to yoga 3x a week, to biking 50 miles, to completing a triathalon.
you can set up a personal profile page, can follow others, can chat with members & can also join teams.
there are a hundred [more?] teams ; from moms that run, yoga lovers, women that cross fit, ect ect.

once you are signed in & registered, under armour will continue to post new challenges for you [take a photo of yourself working on your goal, sign up for an event that will help you achieve it].

you have 8 weeks to join in & participate in this campaign. you do not have to meet your goal by the end [say you want to run your first marathon on october..] ; but the goal is to continue to work on that goal, inch by inch. and also, you will be 8 weeks closer to where you want to be.

want to join me? 
here is my profile page [lets be friends!] and i created this team called 'get up & go.' it is for ANY WOMAN with ANY GOAL! just make a commitment to get up & move your body most days of the week!
and if you are on twitter, share your goals with the #whatsbeautiful & #iwill hashtags so we can check them out!

and what about my goal?
i want to be able to do 20 [no-knee] push ups in a row. real-deep-elbows-skimming-my-sides-with-my-chest-an-inch-from-the-ground push ups!
lets do this!
id love to read your goals in the comments!