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Monday, July 1, 2013

july goals // startin' out fresh!

i always appreciate [love?] when a new month starts on a monday.
feels like a double-whammy of 'you can start fresh!'
speaking of that, today is the END of google reader. you can no longer follow blogs through GFC, so be sure to stay updated.
i use bloglovin' to read all of my blogs. you can follow this blog here. and you can follow my 'minnesota nice' blog here.

lets get to the goals.
i used june as a blog break & it felt great.
blogging most days for years can get boring. stagnant. not fun.
i needed that time away.
here are my july goals : 

1) weigh myself on july 1st and HIDE THE SCALE for the rest of the month. [its my personal goal this month to measure my progress without the scale]
2) blog 15+ times
3) take a week long vacation [this is happening so soon & man, oh man, am i ready!!]
4) read 3-4 books
5) read // get caught up on magazines. we have about 6-8 magazine subscriptions and im super behind. after we finish them, we donate them to the local prison.
6) volunteer 1-3 times
7) eat // donate ALL of our CSA veggies ; NO WASTE! [we purchased a full-share this year & its a ton of veggies. im not a huge veggie lover, but i am SO determined to eat what i can. and what we cant eat, we will give away ; that way, nothing is wasted!] [also, to keep me motivated, i will be sharing some of my favorite recipes we have been cooking to use up everything!]
8) run a sub 32-min 5k
9) spend an afternoon canoeing on the chain of lakes [its a group of 5 lakes right in minneapolis, and they are all connected]
10) visit the new MAYAN exhibit at the science museum
11) nail my duathlon training [i have 12 weeks until my race & i so badly want to make this my best race ever!]
12) work on my HLS speech. in september, minneapolis is hosting the healthy living summit. its a weekend health // fitness event & i will be leading a session on bike commuting.
13) become comfortable on my new, shiny road bike. i have been riding a steel-framed commuter bike for almost 4 years now. this new bike weighs a few pounds, has super-thin tires and is really 'zippy'.

id love to hear a few of your goals for the month.
leave them in the comments or link me to your 'goals' post!