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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

15 links that will make you a better human!

happy wednesday!
i have so many awesome camp photos // stories // recipes i want to share from our trip ; but they will have to wait for a couple more days.

there have been tons of awesome links // articles floating around the internet ; too many that are too rad not to share.

1) such an awesome act of kindness // 55 people 'pay it forward' at the drive-thru
2) looking to start canning // preserving your own foods? // 40 links to make canning a breeze
3) the small german town i grew up in has decided to wipe out heart attacks in 10 years // here is a super-inspirational 5-year update!
4) you *totally* are what you eat // avocado-fed pork & why animal feed is going gourmet 
5) buzzfeed always has such great articles // 31 things to do with those confusing CSA veggies 
6) yes x 1,000,000 // stop telling me i will change my mind about wanting kids [seriously!]
7) a new report came out saying that nearly 1 in 6 americans receive food stamps // as someone who used food stamps for a time, i will say that they really can save your life & be the small cushion you need to get back on your feet
8) dog lovers & all humans with hearts ; watch this 4 min video // 'i am here' 
9) after you watch the video, read this super-touching article about one of the street dogs & his new forever home
10) you grew up with sesame street, right? they just introduced a character whose dad is in jail // the segment about incarceration is so powerful // bravo, PBS!
11) a good read about vegetarianism vs supporting local, sustainable farmers 
12) this one had me in tears // the most beautiful dog rescue story i have read
13) this is an excellent post regarding the importance of reading food labels // amish butter : really? 
14) and a super cool DIY // coffee-pot terrarium 
15) and if you dont read anything else from this list, pleasepleaseplease read this article // you are going to kill someone ; the best non-BS article i have read on the issue of bikes & cars!

see you tomorrow!