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Thursday, July 18, 2013

CSA RECIPE // cheesy bok choi rice balls

i hope your week is going well!
yesterday for my duathlon training, i had to do 60 min of cross training.
it has been so terribly hot, so blake & i rented a canoe & hung out on the lakes ; so much fun!

lets talk about bok choi!
do you like it? 
i am not a huge fan of leafy greens [i know, i know] ; but i made the choice to join a CSA, so i need to eat greens & learn to love them ;)

this recipe is super easy & you can definitely tailor it towards your taste buds!
cheesy bok choi rice balls
what you need :
*1 1/2 cups bok choi ; chopped
*1 cup sushi rice [or brown!]
*1 onion, chopped
*1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
*1/2 cup bread crumbs [either store bought or homemade]
*1/2 cup cheese [feta, cheddar, vegan ; whatever you love] ; optional
*garlic salt
*garlic powder
*lemon pepper seasoning

how to do it : 
1) cook your rice, according to packaged directions
2) combine rice with all other ingredients [except bread crumbs!] in a large bowl & form into balls [ours were smaller than golf balls]
3) place bread crumbs in a small bowl & roll each rice ball into the crumbs, to coat [you might need more bread crumbs!]
4) place coated rice balls on greased baking sheet & bake at 400* for 15-20 min
these are super good! 
pair with local fruit from the market or with a nice side salad!