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Monday, July 15, 2013

10 weeks until my duathlon // this weeks training plan

happy monday!
in seven days, i will be in single-digits weeks until my big race... yikes.
yesterday, i did my first super-long training ride on my new bike. it was suppose to be 75 minutes, but blake came with & it lasted 2 hours. [thats a lot of peddling!]

last week, i wrote a couple posts that have been a bit popular ; are you caught up?
i reviewed my first kona kase ; its a monthly subscription box full of healthy snacks.
and i also joined weight watchers last week ; you can read about that here.

lets talk about training!
this week, i have a really long [for me!] run planned. biking is my strong suit ; i love biking. its easy for me, fun for me. i love how my body feels when im powering up hills & going hard.
running is another story. i am so hyper-aware of my body during running ; i feel like my lungs are ripping & my butt is just going to fall on the sidewalk from all moving..
but heres the thing ; running is SO mental for me. when i leave the door and focus on my butt, my lungs and how hard it is ; i HATE running.
but when i hit the pavement & jam to some old pop-punk music, its not that bad.
i really, really want to enjoy running. i want to run my race with a smile & know that i can do it.
my body can totally do it ; its my brain that needs the training plan ;)

week 3 //
monday : hot hatha yoga class // my leg muscles are f.e.e.l.i.n.g IT, so an hour of stretching in a 105* room will be heaven!
tuesday : 45 min run ; speed interval [10min warm up + 5x3min sprints w/90sec recovery + 10min cool down]
wednesday : 60 min cross training [canoe around the lakes?] OR day off
thursday : 80 min bike ride [10min warm up + 60min hard ride + 10 min cool down]
friday : either a day off OR an hour of hot power yoga [whatever doesnt happen on wednesday will happen today]
saturday : bike // run brick workout [a brick is a back-to-back workout] // 75min bike ride + 20 min run
sunday : JESUS, TAKE THE WHEEL ; here comes the long run! 75 min RUN [easy 30min + 15min steady + 10min sprint + easy 10min]

i'd love to hear your workout plan // goals for the week!
you can read week one here // and week two here