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Thursday, July 11, 2013

a post about weight

hey everybody!
after 8 days off, i am back at work today!
our trip was so great & i took so many awesome pictures. i was going to just do one recap with my favorite photos, but i think i will break it up into a few posts [lucky you!]

today, i want to talk about weight. 
its one of those topics that nobody talks about unless you lose you a bunch or gain a ton.
i have not done either.
currently, i am 5'8 and weigh 153 pounds ; neither teeny, tiny or overweight. i am at a healthy weight, but could lose 5-8 pounds [and//or increase my muscle tone] & still be considered healthy.
i feel pretty comfortable in my skin. a few of my yoga pants fit tighter than i would like & my middle is a bit chubby ; but overall, i feel okay. i am able to look in the mirror and be grateful for my body & all the things it allows me to do.
before we left for vacation, there were three 'weight loss' posts that really stuck with me. [i highly recommend you read them!]
anna posted about gaining weight after hurricane sandy & her plan of getting back on track.
chelsea was super-honest & shared her 'before' post.
and mandy gave us her mid-2013 update on her goal to get healthy [shes lost 20 pounds so far!]

i think the reason i love all three of these posts is because all three women took control of their health & made steps to make it better.
i love that.
each and every one of us deserves to feel good in our bodies ; to feel loved, to be healthy for ourselves, loved ones & our future. 

before we left for vacation, i made the decision to join weight watchers. i know there are a lot of free tracking apps out there ; but i decided to give weight watchers a shot.
i officially joined last night ; with a long-term goal of losing 6-7ish pounds [the weight isnt as important to me ; its the strength & body fat percentage i am focusing on.]
i am such a goal-driven person ; so a great tracking device is what i need. i love doing an activity or creating a recipe & plugging it in & watching the numbers calculate. also, i can be a 'boredom eater' ; so knowing that i have to track everything i eat is a great way to drink a glass of water & avoid eating crap i dont need.
and lets be honest, there is also a 'financial accountabilty' that comes with joining. i am paying a monthly fee, so its important i use what i am paying for.

right now, you can join the 3-month online weight watchers plan [no meetings ; just online] for $1 [you still have to pay the monthly fee, but the joiners fee is waived]. also, if you use this link, you will receive a year-long subscription to weight watchers magazine. [full disclosure : clicking on that link & signing up will also give me a free month of ww online tracking access]
if you are searching for that 'push' you need to take control of your health ; i think spending a few weeks tracking your food & learning your eating patterns will help you sort that out.
also, i am always looking for 'accountability buddies' ; be mine? ;)

tell me : have you joined weight watchers?
what is your biggest hurdle when it comes to health // wellness // fitness?