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Monday, July 22, 2013

9 weeks until my duathlon // this weeks training plan

okay, '9 weeks' sounds like 'its happening pretty soon!'
yesterday, i had my first day off in 11 days & didnt get my long run in.
also, if you are judging me, know that i didnt do my saturday workout either. ;)
training takes patience ; but so does listening to your [my!] body!

here is my week 9 training plan : 

monday : run 65 minutes [easy 30min + 15min steady pace + 10min sprint + easy 10min] // also bike 8 miles to work [FYI : my ride to work each day doesnt count towards my training ; i just do it cuz i love it ;)]
tuesday : 60 min insanity workout + bike to work
wednesday : 60 min hot yoga [ohhh, i can feel it already!] + bike to work
thursday : bike 50 min BEFORE work [15min easy + 3x 7min sprints w/ 2min recovery + 10min cool down] // AFTER work, i am running this 5k
friday : REST DAY! // biking to the theatre to see blackfish [oh my gosh, ive been waiting for this film!!]
saturday : do you watch the biggest loser?! today, i am working out with dolvett [yes, really!] i will tell you all about it later this week // 120 min bike ride [steady pace with some hills]
sunday : bike // run brick  60min on the bike [30min steady + 30min hard] + 30min steady run
you can check out my weeks 1, 2 & 3 plans to get caught up ;)
see you tomorrow!