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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the healthy living summit : lets talk about bikes, minneapolis & making blog friends

happy tuesday! 
do you know the healthy living summit?
its an annual health // wellness // fitness conference, held in a different city each year.
this year, its held here, in minneapolis!
which makes total sense, you know? minneapolis is almost always rated as one of or THE top city for health & wellness in the country.
this state is really amazing. we have over 15,000 lakes. in the twin cities alone, we have hundreds of miles of biking and walking trails. the people of minnesota are known as a hearty bunch. it gets a bit cold here in the winter, but you still see people out each day ; running, skiing, walking their dogs.
having the conference here is super exciting. 
i feel like minnesotans are pretty proud of what we have got here.

so, lets talk about the conference!
its being held downtown minneapolis, september 13-15th.
there will be speakers, cool sessions, free food, city exploring and lots of new friends!
you can read all the faqs here.
the cost for the weekend is $130, but you can try to win a free entry here. {but hurry, you only have 5 more days!}
so far, there are over 80 people that are attending // speaking at the conference. the girls behind HLS were awesome enough to create a pinterest board with the blogs of ALL the folks attending! you can check that out here. click around, leave a few comments & make some new friends!!

for local folks, or people that are flying in on thursday or friday, there will be a whole bunch of fit mingle events. {love this idea!} all the info for the fit mingles has not been announced yet, but think 'active happy hours.' i will be hosting one friday morning that involves biking & being really nice ;)
on saturday, there will be a keynote speech & 10 break-out sessions.
{fun fact : i will be hosting a session about bike commuting & everything you need to know to stay safe & have fun on the bike!!}
you can see the entire schedule here.

i am super excited for the summit!
also, in the next couple of weeks, i will be creating a few posts about all the awesome things to see & do here in the cities!
if you are coming from out of town & need a place to stay {most attendees are staying at the hilton downtown} ; blake & i would love to host you. we already have two girls staying with us {hooray for new friends!!} ; but we have more room if you are on a budget or need a bit of space to recharge.
tell me : are you attending?