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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

3 weeks til my duathlon // this weeks training plan

so close, you guys! 
today is the 3rd & the race is on the 21st ; yikes!!
i {unintentionally} took the last three days off from training and i am ready to get back in.
i did an hour of yoga last week & it felt so great for a couple days afterwards. this week, i plan on making a 60-min massage appointment for either this week or next. it will be great to loosen up my legs and treat myself for an hour ;)

this weeks plan //
monday : {yesterday} off
tuesday : i missed my back-to-back-to-back brick this weekend, so today i will run 10min + bike 70min + run 15min
wednesday : double workout today! {run 30min in the morning}{bike 90min in the afternoon} 
thursday : 45 min run {EASY, slow pace}
friday : either 60min hot yoga OR 20min cross training {probably a walk with daphne or a pilates dvd}
saturday : bike / run brick // 80min bike + 10min run
sunday : 30min run {quicker pace than thursdays run BUT still slower than my average pace}
last week, i tried on a few dresses & LOOK at my calves!! all the biking & running has really made them stronger!