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Monday, September 9, 2013

TWO {!!!} weeks until my duathlon // this weeks training plan

two weeks {technically, less than 14 days!} until my race.
last week, I DIDNT TRAIN AT ALL! well, i biked 13 miles to get a haircut {in a dress & flats}, did 60 min of hot yoga & got lost in st paul and ended up biking 50 miles yesterday.
but other than that, nothing! no sprints. no running. no bricks.
i also didnt track my food or eat super clean, for that matter.
i took a week off from everything ; i wasnt working, not working out & just taking time for myself.
its probably not ideal to do it a few weeks before a huge race ; but its what my body {and mind!} were needing ; so i took it.
i am ready to hit these next two weeks so hard!
this week is the healthy living summit ; so thursday-sunday will be JAM PACKED ; but i am determined to keep myself focused and train.

i have been training for this race for almost 3 months. when i was at yoga on friday ; i was so proud of the progress my body has made. my legs are stronger, i am leaner and i feel so much more able. i owe it to myself to keep training.
i will not let an off week {or a week off...} derail me.

here we go! 
monday : nice & easy 20min run to warm up my legs {i havent been on a run for almost 2 weeks!}
tuesday : MASSAGE DAY + 40min run {5x 2min surges with 2min rest b/t each}
wednesday : run / bike brick {15min run + 60min ride}{bike ride = tempo surges & speed intervals}
thursday : run 30min
friday : bike / run brick {60min bike + 15min run} + bike downtown for HLS {10miles}
saturday : biking downtown for HLS {10 miles} + 45min yoga sculpt
sunday : 20min run {HARD! 6x 30sec surges w/ 2min recovery b/t each surge} + 60min body pump class {the new release}

woo hoo!
it looks like a lot & there are no specific 'rest days' ; but most workouts are under an hour, totally do-able!
tell me : are you training for anything right now? have any september 'fitness' goals?