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Monday, February 10, 2014

{FITNESS} 24 weeks until my triathlon + this weeks workout plan

years ago, {before i realized that i do not like running more than 5&10ks} i trained {and completed} a half-marathon. i started training MONTHS before the race. i didn't stretch, didn't follow a training plan {never did tempo runs, hills or speed work}. i did not have good shoes and really didn't have any idea what i was doing.
at the time, i was living in vermont & really had no idea where i was going 'next' in my life. i was six months into getting over the shittiest breakup in my life. halfway through training, the boy & i got back together and he totally re-crushed my heart. for me, at the time {totally new to running} ; i was just running so i could blast angry love songs and cry and scream out my feelings {seriously, it was a really, really hard breakup!}. i had no idea what 'training for a race' really meant. i wasn't prepared, but i just had to do something to work through all of the shit i was going through.

i finished the race. and my heart healed. i had really nasty IT band issues ; which i still deal with today, if i don't take care of them. {hot yoga is amazing for tight IT bands!} i probably won't ever run a half again {biking is my jam!} ; but i learned something from all of that.

you need a plan!
when you are completing a race, it is important to know what you are doing. you need gear that will work for you {i am not saying you need to shell out thousands of bucks for tons and tons of equipment}. if you are completing a long bike ride, you need a good bike. if you are training for a marathon in the summer, a good moisture-wicking shirt is a must-have!
and a training plan is essential {in my opinion}. you dont need to follow it to a T ; but to avoid injury & to reach your goals, its important to follow something.

when i signed up for my tri ; i created a 14-week plan. the race is at the end of july, so i haven't started following it yet. i know that i can bike 25 miles & i also know i can run a 5k. so, once it starts to warm up & all of the ice melts from the side roads ; i will get back to outdoor workouts. BUT, i AM {attempting to} following a 12-week 'learn to swim' plan. i am still not strong enough to complete ANY of the workouts, but i am modifying & making it my own. we are heading to the pool tonight & i am excited to work with the kick board again {sometimes i drop my hips, which causes me to panic and lose control of my breathing}.

this weeks workout plan : 
monday : swim 25yards 6-7x {resting as needed} // work on hips + legs with kick board for 20-25min + 50 burpees
tuesday : swim 25yards 7-8x {resting as needed} // work on breathing and keeping eyes open under water + 50 burpees
wednesday : 30min HIIT workout {i am loving turbofire!} + 50 burpees
thursday : {pool is closed} 45-60min pilates sculpt video {ellen barrett is one of my faves!} + 50 burpees
friday : hot yoga? or a long walk with daphne around the lake {hello, 25*} + 50 burpees
saturday : 40-60min cardio before work {possibly a bike ride?} + 50 burpees
sunday : {my only day off this month!} snowshoeing or eating donuts ; probably both ;) + burpees

when i trained for my duathlon, i posted my training plan here on the blog & it was great motivation for me. im not sure i will post the next 24 weeks of workouts ; but we will see.

see you tomorrow ;)