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Friday, February 14, 2014

{FRIDAY RECAP} rad links & other things {#mnbchallenge}

happy friday!
valentines day, too ; if thats your thing..
blake is coming home early from work tonight ; we have been eating a lot of pizza and peanut butter-stuffed french toast lately, so we are going to take tonight & cook a nice meal.

this was the second week for the #mnbchallenge {move nourish believe challenge ; hosted by fit approach & lorna jane}
below is a list of 10 things i am loving in my life right now and/or rad links you should check out!

1) the last half of every month is pretty crazy for me ; its the time when i am actually putting all of the tangible items together for the next months be nice box. at the beginning of the month, i wasnt totally in love with the march box ; but now its coming together and i really dig it. there will be 70 boxes this month & there are only 19 left. head over here to learn more!

2) while putting everything together for the boxes, i have totally gotten sucked in to house of cards! blake has already watched it & loved it. and i guess the second season comes out today? no way will i catch up by today, but i might be spending part of my valentines day with kevin spacey..

3) todays #mnbchallenge is to go raw & make a recipe from the website ; dont these look amazing? definitely making them today!

4) i havent watched any of the olympics ; but this is such a great post! 4 things i want my kids to know about sochi!

5) because its so important to know where your clothes are coming from : bangladesh factory owners surrender in 2012 fire that killed 112 // i know that like factory farmed meat, a lot of folks dont want to think about the conditions where their clothes are manufactured, but the truth is ; its happening every day. dirty factories, selfish owners, mega-corporations and young, young women & kids working HOURS AND HOURS a day to provide americans with $5 tank tops at our favorite store. real people are working slave-like jobs to provide us with garments. we owe it to everybody in the world to be smarter {and more responsible} with the purchases we make..

6) our 10-day forecast shows 30* temps ; i am SO excited to get back on my bike. i just want to pedal for hours...

7) i only made it to the pool once this week ; but katies pool posts have been super-inspiring

8) i am almost finished reading 'the way through doors.' it was another little free library find & i am not convinced that i am loving it. its actually super confusing. i feel like each time i pick it up, i am reading a new story... ill make it to the end ; hopefully it will all come together.

9) 3 clever things to do with old blog posts! always a good task for when you are feeling caught up with everything..

10) and 7 sites to help you make a little money off your blog!

enjoy your weekend!