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Friday, February 21, 2014

{FRIDAY RECAP links & things! #mnbchallenge

yikes ; its been a week since i last wrote..
adding this blog into the balance of everything else {2 jobs, running a business, the kindness blog, swim lessons, working out, cooking, cleaning, eating cupcakes, ect ect ect} is not the easiest. keeping this blog is super important to me, but im never willing to pull my hair out with stress to get a post up. {i refuse to be a person who super-stresses about blog posts}

anyways, today is the very last day of the lornajane #mnbchallenge {move, nourish, believe}. its been a 21 day challenge and i have enjoyed it. i do well with small challenges ; its good for me to take a minute for myself.

below are some rad links and things that i have been up to this week!

1) {did i post this last week?} 27 productive things you can do in 5 min

2) michelle shared a really great post on kellys blog this week. its so powerful to watch my friends conquer fears and create healthy futures for themselves

3) isn't this fair trade ring beautiful? i am buying this for myself when we hit 70 monthly subscribers for the Be Nice box

4) kelloggs announced that they will start using only environmentally friendly palm oil. thoughts? are they doing it because of the planet or is this a new form of greenwashing? {or are they 'one-upping' general mills who just announced plans for non-GMO cheerios?!}

5) great resource : 56 ways to reduce food waste and save thousands

6) the pool closed yesterday because of the weather {and was closed on monday for the holiday}, so i only got one swim session in this week. the session i did complete went really great. i adjusted my neck and worked a bit more on mechanics.. i still cant swim into the deep end ; but progress is progress..

7) i need new running shoes once the weather changes. these are made in the us {hooray} ; these are also cool.

8) coffee lover? every bag purchased goes towards saving the rainforest!

9) i am currently reading 'dress your family in corduroy and denim' by david sadaris & we are halfway through season 2 of house of cards {so good!}

10) ive got a new kindness carousel feature up on the kindness blog

what have you been up to this week?