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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

{2014 goals} things i want to do in March

hey you guys!
when you read this, i will be at my *NEW JOB*!
i am super excited & will be sharing details in the near future!

i know we are already a few days into march, but i really want to get my goals up here!
i use to do this all the time & its such a great way for me to stay accountable!
march 2014 goals : 
1) make $_____ car payment
2) make an appointment to meet with my insurance guy about mutual funds {plannin' for the future!}
3) create a media kit for the Be Nice Box!
4) buy a new swimsuit {i already bought a tri suit ; but i need something for the pool!}
5) register for a duathlon {i really want to do another one ; but i might not get the registration done this month!}
6) track all workouts with Pact {anybody else use this? i should do a post on it in!}
7) apply for a few new business grants {i have been slacking on these}
8) purge closet and donate!! {i have already pulled about 30 things out, i just need to bring them to the consignment shop!}
9) read 3-4 books {i just started my 8th book of the year!}
10) register for another round of open swim AND hire a swim trainer {more about this coming up ; but i really need help in the pool!}

did you post about your goals? id love to see them!