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Friday, March 7, 2014

{FRIDAY LINKS} 10 rad things you should be reading

its friday!
head over to the kindness blog to find 10 more great links from around the web this week!

lets go!

1) my friend nicole is hosting a great 'meatless march' challenge over on her blog! we are already a week in, but its never too late to reduce your meat consumption ;)

2) know of a little 'science-lover' in your life? these kits look awesome!

3) my friend amanda has a great recipe redux for mcdonalds shamrock shake!

4) a great infographic : the 11 essential things you need for a great blog post! 

5) this article from NPR is great ; why you are never really anonymous online. related : michelle recently got a nasty comment & took a stand for online bullying. {seriously, if you wouldnt say it to your grandma, dont say it to anybody else!} 

6) 5 unnecessary animal experiments that are happening. right now. in the US! {seriously, help make a change!}

7) 18 things that highly creative people do differently

8) thoughts? trek says 'if you dont take care of your health, we are not paying for it!'

9) ohhhh ; who owns ellen's selfie from the oscars?

10) have you read this yet? 22 books you should read now, based on books you loved as a kid.. i will be honest ; most of these kids books, i have never read. totally adding them to my '50+ in 2014.'

tell me things you are loving this week!
and if you have rad links on your blog, tell us where to go to check them out!