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Friday, March 16, 2012

: project 365 : my week in photos : week 11 :

hey everybody!
good week?!

this week, i worked super hard on the upcoming e-book ;  h o p i n g  the preorder will be up by the very end of this month.

what are you doing this weekend!?
i have to work, maybe thrifting a few dresses, and taking a brand new [free!] cardio class. and biking [duh ;)]

this is what my week looked like : 
long car ride & testing out the settings on my new camera [i still know so little about my camera]

its been 60-70* here all week ; which means ALL winter clothes put away & running shoes and bikes are out in full force!

veggie sushi date

more on this soon ; but *this* vegan went to a meat market AND a fish fry [in the same day!!]

this smoothie has been my go-to breakfast this week

i made these fun band-aids!

a super sneak-peek of what i have been busy working on this week
ohhhh is the upcoming ebook a cookbook?!?! 

have a great day, everybody!!

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happy friday!!