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Saturday, May 19, 2012

how to boost creativity & time management : an indie biz post

happy saturday!
as you are reading this, i am hanging out with some of my favorite folks, hunting bargains, riding my bike & taking photos.
[i have a lot to do today ;)]

todays indie biz post is about boosting creativity.
working from home can be tricky. its hard to find inspiration when you are home in your underwear yoga pants all day, every day.

below are 5 tips that help me be a better & more productive business owner

1) go away

running out of ideas // inspiration // motivation?
go somewhere else. sit outside & blog. head to the coffee shop to work on your to-do list. bring a blanket & sit outside to work. sometimes a simple change a scenery makes all the difference. i definitely find that sitting at a table, windows open, music off has made me much more productive.

2) rank your list
i have a huge fan of lists [you already knew that, right?] i always have a 'master to-do list' going at all times, but i also have a list of things i need to get done right now ; today. making a list the night before of things i need to do at certain times helps move me along.
if i dont have a deadline, i become a professional time-waster.

3) just quit, already!

when i first started :dianapantz: ; that is ALL i did. i would get up at 6:30am and work til 11pm. working working working. i didnt take care of myself. my apartment. my partner. none of it.
i have learned to set a 'stop time.' when you have a 'real job', there is a stop time. the line is much blurrier when you are working from home, but you owe it to yourself [and the other people in your life!] to step away at a certain time each night. plus, its hard to be objective about your work // projects when you arent taking care of the rest of your life.

4) simplify your phone
i have an iphone. and with the iphone comes HUNDREDS of apps. i can do anything at anytime on my phone. cool, right? not cool.
there was a time when blake would be telling me about his day, but instead of listening, i was checking in with my 500 twitter followers. not fair.
so what did i do?
i deleted both facebook & twitter off of my phone. and i do not miss them!
i spend SO much of my time on the computer being :dianapantz: ; it is also so important to step back & be diana. spend time with my friends & family. bike without wondering if people are 'liking' my statuses. live my 'real' life & be so thankful for all the beautiful things around me!

5) sick day!

take an afternoon // day // weekend off.
i know that when you are just starting a business // blog, you want to make it the very best you can. BUT [i have said it before] if i am not taking care of my brain, then i can not take care of my business.
taking a day off will fill you with inspiration & creativity. go for a walk [or a BIKE RIDE!], visit a lake or farmers market. sit outside & read a book. leave your phone, ipod & kindle inside. enjoy the sounds, smells & colors around you.
i find i am more productive once i take an hour or two to enjoy the things around me.

what tips do you have?!

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