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Saturday, May 12, 2012

: cycle stories : your bike, your story : with allison from crafted love :

happy weekend!
this time last year, i started the 'cycle stories' series. i put it on hold for the fall // winter, but its baaaack!
what are cycle stories?!
its a feature where i showcase different folks that bike. if you have a bike, YOU are a biker.
i want people to see that no matter where you ride, what you ride or how you ride, biking is for everybody.
you can see my first three interviews here [my grandma!], here [my cute man friend] & here [cristie]

today, i am introducing you to allison from crafted love. her & her cute partner are moving here this fall & i am *super* excited. 
[fun tip : allison was one of the first bloggers i ever met in REAL life!!]

here we go : 

1. Who are you?
My name is Allison Kaye. I'm a recent graduate from Architecture School but decided to pursue my love of Graphic Design as a career. I run a crafty little blog called Crafted Love and adore anything and everything handmade. My fiancé and I are very active and some-what of tree huggers so when it comes to our main method of transportation, we always choose biking as long as it's practical and safe.

2.) Where do you bike?
We currently live in Dayton, Ohio which isn't the most bike friendly place in the country. However, we do actually live about a 10 minute bike ride away from a 36+ mile bike trail that stretches from Cincinnati to north Dayton. So I foresee Ohio becoming more bike friendly in the future.

3.) What tips do you have for bikers? Where did you get your bike?
My biggest tip for bikers, especially aspiring bikers, is don't go cheap with your first bike. I was told by countless people not to let the excitement of getting a bike allow me to sell out when it came to purchasing time. But alas, I caved and couldn't wait to save up the rest of the money and ended up getting a Walmart bike. For the amount of biking I did on campus, it served its purpose, but within a year and a half it was falling apart. That's $300 I've lost and could have saved if I just waited and got a good brand.

4.) Anything else fun to share?
We will be moving near Diana in Minneapolis in the coming months and we are so very excited to live in the #1 bike friendly city in America! Right now, we only bike for recreation, but in Minneapolis we plan for it to be our main method of commuting around the city and to work each day.

5.) Show us a photo of you and your sweet ride.
Like I said before, I originally had a Walmart bike. Other than my few photos of riding it around Minneapolis, I have nothing much to show for it. My fiancé and I are currently saving up to get new bikes so I'll just show off a photo of what mine will look like. I can't wait for it to come in because I'm going through a little bit of biking withdraw.

connect with allison here : 
blog // twitter // shop // facebook

also, this week i posted my top 6 tips for bikers [and drivers!]. 
if you are interested in getting a bike, or need a little refresher course ; these tips are for you.

do you bike? want to be the next 'cycle story'? send me an email! [i'd love to have you!!]