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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

: need help choosing healthy snacks!? : have them delivered to your door!

happy tuesday!
please, please, please go vote today! [i know ; politics two days in a row!]

lets talk about food!

this summer, i received my first healthy surprise box. [go see my full review here]
what is it?
its a monthly snack box. 
dairy free. soy free. gluten free. vegan. awesome. 
its a HUGE box ; FULL of goodies.

one of the things i love the most is that there is always a great balance between brands i know & brands that are new to me.
there are different sizes of boxes ; depending on your snack needs. if you work in an office ; this would be a great thing to order. sign up with a friend or two & keep the snacks at your desk for the month.

healthy surprise boxes are also great for people like blake & i ; people on the go. people that load up their backpacks // camp packs // bike bags with snacks to give them the energy they need.

so, what came in my box?
[ill show you]

garlic nuts [gone nuts is one of my favorite brands!!], kale chips, sunflower seeds, apple rings, apple pie coco-roons [by far the best thing in the box!!], granola bars, sesame seed bars, granola, cheesy almonds,  almonds, fruit leather, oat bars, biscotti, three oat cookies and coconut kettle corn! 
that is a lot of food! everything is full-sized, too ; which i like.

its hard to know if you love something when you get a bite-sized sample!

the one thing i would change?!
i would add more chocolate // snack-y sweet dessert-type foods.
i have a sweet tooth & would pick chocolate-dusted almonds over cheesy-almonds everyday!

connect with healthy surprise : 
blog [their blog is great!] // facebook // website

disclaimer : the company gave me a steep discount on this box. i did use my own money, but paid a small amount. all opinions are my own.